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Relationship with Tenants

Gita Faust August 24, 2020

Access the Customer Center screen to work with Property Owners, Properties, Units, and Guests/Tenants.

What is a property owner without properties and guests/tenants? It is essential that you enter property owners, properties, units, and/or renter correctly.

We are “tweaking” QuickBooks’ use of Customer:Job in the following manner:

  • Property Owner (company) as a Customer (Only if it is owned by different LLC’s or EIN’s) (optional) — GKS
  • Property as a Job of a Property Owner (Customer) (optional) — FR142 (Fun Road 142)
  • A unit as a Job of a Property (Job) (Only if there are Multiple Units) — A Unit
  • Tenant as a Job of a Unit (Job) (optional) — Cruso, Robin


  • Multiple EIN: Each EIN should have its own QuickBooks file
  • Multiple Properties: If you have multiple properties then only create the property as a Customer and Class
  • When managing a single property in your file, then create the Unit as a Customer and Guest/Tenant as a Job

Think about this: If you are a contractor, you have several customers or real estate investors, and for each customer, you have multiple jobs. Similarly, we are using Customer and Job to mean Property Owner, Property, Unit, and Guest, respectively.

For each Customer (Property Owner) and Job (Property), there are multiple Jobs (Units) and you have new and old Jobs (Tenant) for the same unit. You may have multiple units in one building with multiple guests/tenant at one time or you may have single-family homes with one tenant at a time, but there are still multiple guests/tenants over the course of time. This is how the relationship between the Property Owners, Properties, Units, and Tenants fits into QuickBooks’ Customer and Job setup.

When entering names into QuickBooks, you may wish to abbreviate them, as shown in the below under the Abbreviated Names heading. The reason for this is that when you create forms, the entire name may not be visible due to space restrictions.

QuickBooks relationship with tenants


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