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Vacation Rental for Property Managers QuickBooks Online

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  1. Customize Setup - QBO Plus and Advanced
    5 Topics
  2. Are you using Property Management Software?
  3. Your Company aka Overhead
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  4. Gita's Rules
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  5. Bonuses
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  6. Vendor Name
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  7. Chart of Accounts
    6 Topics
  8. Products and Services
    4 Topics
  9. Categories
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  10. Opening Balances
    10 Topics
  11. Categorizing Transactions
    2 Topics
  12. Property Owners
    3 Topics
  13. Property Name
    2 Topics
  14. Guests
  15. Vendor Expenses
  16. Vendor Deposits
    5 Topics
  17. Petty Cash
    2 Topics
  18. LOC, Personal and Private Loans
    2 Topics
  19. Credit Card
    5 Topics
  20. Bank Feed and Reconciliation
    2 Topics
  21. Sales tax
  22. Booking Site
  23. Management Fees
  24. Owners Checks
  25. 1099

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Are you using Property Management Software?

Gita Faust February 22, 2022

I have always said that you can use QuickBooks as a:

  • Property Management Software; and
  • Financial Management Software.

Financial management includes accounting and bookkeeping. And yes you can get all the reports you would need from your company to owners reports.

To use QuickBooks that encompasses all the features you got to know about the features and learn to use them the right way. And all it takes is being consistent, invest your time and resources to master it.

You must be Gita let’s get on and show me how to automate entering transactions using the Bank Feed, as QuickBooks (Intuit) tells us :

  • Bookkeeping is easy
  • QuickBooks can save time with bank feed

Well, if you are looking to automate from the Bank Feed for your property management business then you have signed up with the wrong course.

PLEASE CALL US TO GET YOU A REFUND. (I am blunt and to the point, because I want you to succeed.) If you go past this lesson and topic, we will not issue a refund.