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Vacation Rental for Property Managers QuickBooks Online

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  1. Customize Setup - QBO Plus and Advanced
    5 Topics
  2. Are you using Property Management Software?
    2 Topics
    1 Quiz
  3. Your Company aka Overhead
    3 Topics
  4. Gita's Rules
    3 Topics
  5. Bonuses
    3 Topics
  6. Vendor Name
    2 Topics
  7. Chart of Accounts
    6 Topics
  8. Products and Services
    4 Topics
  9. Categories
    4 Topics
  10. Opening Balances
    10 Topics
  11. Categorizing Transactions
    2 Topics
  12. Property Owners
    3 Topics
  13. Property Name
    2 Topics
  14. Guests
  15. Vendor Expenses
  16. Vendor Deposits
    5 Topics
  17. Petty Cash
    2 Topics
  18. LOC, Personal and Private Loans
    2 Topics
  19. Credit Card
    5 Topics
  20. Bank Feed and Reconciliation
    2 Topics
  21. Sales tax
  22. Booking Site
  23. Management Fees
  24. Owners Checks
  25. 1099

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Watch this video ONLY if you are not keeping track of Guest Balances in QuickBooks (i.e. if your balances are tracked in VRBO, Airbnb, FlipKey, Self-managed, VRBO – HomeAway, or other booking sites). If you are tracking Guest Balances in QuickBooks, then go to the lessons on Invoices and follow the steps from there.

As changes are inevitable, booking sites frequently alter the way they handle payments, deposits, taxes, and more. If you do not find what you are looking for, just send us your request with details. Furthermore, if you’re looking to import the data from the booking sites, we can certainly help–let’s talk.

Airbnb Overview: The renter pays through the online checkout, and Airbnb holds funds until the renter checks out.

FlipKey Overview: The renter pays through an online portal, FlipKey holds onto the payment until 24 hours after the renter checks in, and then funds are released to your bank account.

As I mentioned, you’re going to have to decide when to show the rental payment as income. I highly recommend dating the Sales Receipt twenty-four hours after the renter checks in since that is when the funds will be available to you. Doing this from the get-go will save you time later on, too!