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Vacation Rental for Property Managers QuickBooks Online

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  1. Customize Setup - QBO Plus and Advanced
    5 Topics
  2. Are you using Property Management Software?
  3. Your Company aka Overhead
    3 Topics
  4. Gita's Rules
    3 Topics
  5. Bonuses
    3 Topics
  6. Vendor Name
    2 Topics
  7. Chart of Accounts
    6 Topics
  8. Products and Services
    4 Topics
  9. Categories
    4 Topics
  10. Opening Balances
    10 Topics
  11. Categorizing Transactions
    2 Topics
  12. Property Owners
    3 Topics
  13. Property Name
    2 Topics
  14. Guests
  15. Vendor Expenses
  16. Vendor Deposits
    5 Topics
  17. Petty Cash
    2 Topics
  18. LOC, Personal and Private Loans
    2 Topics
  19. Credit Card
    5 Topics
  20. Bank Feed and Reconciliation
    2 Topics
  21. Sales tax
  22. Booking Site
  23. Management Fees
  24. Owners Checks
  25. 1099

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Define Your Vacation Rentals – BONUS

Gita Faust March 5, 2021
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All owners who manage their own vacation properties likely operate in their own unique ways, no matter how slight the difference may be. Before you begin using QuickBooks for your business, it is important that you take some time to define how your business works. Make note of the processes and procedures you currently have in place, so that you can make sound decisions about integrating QuickBooks.

We suggest printing the following pages and sitting down with a pen to fill in the forms and make notes. When you get to the step-by-step instructions in A QuickBooks Guide for Vacation Rentals by Owner, you will have the required information at your fingertips. Depending on how you choose to manage your tasks, you may enter data and use QuickBooks differently. In the manual, we always clearly explain the variations to ensure you have a method that suits you.


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Intro to Define Your Business audio-button Bank Accounts pdf-button
Bank Accounts audio-button Bank Accounts pdf-button excel-button
Agreements and Contracts audio-button Bank Accounts pdf-button
Booking Site audio-button Bank Accounts pdf-button
Revenue Processing Methods audio-button Bank Accounts pdf-button
Tax Bank Accounts pdf-button
Deposits Bank Accounts pdf-button
Rental Rates audio-button Bank Accounts pdf-button
Cleaning audio-button Bank Accounts pdf-button
Processing Fees audio-button Bank Accounts pdf-button
Amenities audio-button Bank Accounts pdf-button
Cancellation audio-button Bank Accounts pdf-button
Inventory Bonus – in January 2015. Bank Accounts pdf-button
Time Sheet – Resources Bank Accounts pdf-button
Transaction Details – Resources Bank Accounts pdf-button  PRINT AND MAKE COPIES FOR FUTURE USE


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