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Vacation Rental for Property Managers QuickBooks Online

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  1. Customize Setup - QBO Plus and Advanced
    5 Topics
  2. Are you using Property Management Software?
    2 Topics
    1 Quiz
  3. Your Company aka Overhead
    3 Topics
  4. Gita's Rules
    3 Topics
  5. Bonuses
    3 Topics
  6. Vendor Name
    2 Topics
  7. Chart of Accounts
    6 Topics
  8. Products and Services
    4 Topics
  9. Categories
    4 Topics
  10. Opening Balances
    10 Topics
  11. Categorizing Transactions
    2 Topics
  12. Property Owners
    3 Topics
  13. Property Name
    2 Topics
  14. Guests
  15. Vendor Expenses
  16. Vendor Deposits
    5 Topics
  17. Petty Cash
    2 Topics
  18. LOC, Personal and Private Loans
    2 Topics
  19. Credit Card
    5 Topics
  20. Bank Feed and Reconciliation
    2 Topics
  21. Sales tax
  22. Booking Site
  23. Management Fees
  24. Owners Checks
  25. 1099

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Due to the updates and ever-changing nature of QuickBooks Online software, 1099 forms may not always be filed the same exact way. When it comes to filing 1099’s, you have two options:

  • I highly recommend filing 1099 online, where the service will electronically file it to the IRS, mail the forms for you or email it your vendors; alternatively, you can always
  • Fill, print and lick the envelope and mailing it to the IRS and your vendors

FYI – If you are paying the interest you will have to issue 1099-INT form.

1099’s how to are included in this course. Below are few articles that may be helpful in completing 1099’s.

You can either sign up for a course or we can help you with the filing. For more details on 1099’s, do not hesitate to contact our team directly!